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Changing Course…s

As most people will know, I was studying a Sport and Fitness degree, which I withdrew from, and was planning on taking a personal training career path at some point. Well, I’ve since decided that I’m not doing that now. I can’t explain why I’ve come to that conclusion, but can say that I know it’s the right conclusion. Now I’m back in a position of not knowing what to do with myself. There are several things I may be interested in but of course I’m very cautious now about jumping straight in and later changing my mind.

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Cycling, Projects

My Little Bike Project

As some people know, I purchased a bike a little while ago. The idea was just something super cheap to get me out as I can’t run for a while (plantar fasciitis). I spent about £170 on a cheap Muddyfox hybrid (which they then dropped the price on further, much to my annoyance), after reading some decent reviews. I had intention of mostly just using it to get from A – B (1km each way to work) or a lap or two around the town to get in some exercise.

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Mental Health

Mind Struggles

A while back (okay, quite a while back), I wrote about myself and social anxiety. It was the first time I had really told my wider circle of “people I know” about it. The post basically doesn’t exist any more. I read it about 2 years later and I shook my head, thinking I just didn’t do a good job of articulating what social anxiety was like for me.

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Mental Health


A huge part of my social-anxiety is my self-consciousness, especially in social situations. Those situations can range from interacting with someone I know well, to talking briefly with someone at the supermarket checkout. Annoyingly, it isn’t enough that I feel nervous in these situations but I also become quite noticeably awkward. I wanted to write a bit about it, so for those that interact with me will understand me a little better.

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