As most people will know, I was studying a Sport and Fitness degree, which I withdrew from, and was planning on taking a personal training career path at some point. Well, I’ve since decided that I’m not doing that now. I can’t explain why I’ve come to that conclusion, but can say that I know it’s the right conclusion. Now I’m back in a position of not knowing what to do with myself. There are several things I may be interested in but of course I’m very cautious now about jumping straight in and later changing my mind.

I’m a creative person, and I’m quite hands on, which is why I think fitness was the wrong direction. I think I need to be creating something or doing something with my hands, be that properly looking at design and programming, or getting into a trade of some sort. I’ve been looking around at ideas, what certain routes would take, etc. I’ve got a list down of things that are potential ideas for the future:

  • Bike maintenance – since getting into cycling, and then stripping and customising my own bike, I’ve discovered I quite enjoy using my hands for “mechanics”. I could see myself thoroughly enjoying working in a bike shop in the maintenance area or doing custom bike builds
  • Painting & Decorating, with a smaller background in Interior Design – another one for using my hands (the first part) and the creative side of me (the second part)
  • Computers – hardware specifically, though I can’t seem to find much in the way of career progression in my interests or even courses for it (perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough)
  • Go back to the web and graphic design, and seriously take a look at programming this time, take the time to learn consistently, take a few design thinking/principle courses etc

I guess I don’t have forever to decided, but I am in no rush right at the minute. I think for 2017 I am going to complete free online courses related to the topics above and see what I really find most interesting and within my capabilities.

I know, I’m so undecided sometimes. 🙁 All I do know is that I don’t really want to be cleaning forever. 😉


Also, I promise I will actually write my next bike project instalment tomorrow!

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