About two weeks ago, I posted about my upcoming bike project, outlining what I wanted to do with my cheap Muddyfox hybrid. For the most part, nothing has really changed, except the actual paint job and some of the items I’ll be upgrading. The biggest idea change I’ve had is the paint job/theme.

Today, I sat down and did a mock-up (with the help of a free bike vector file) of what I wanted to do with my bike. Of course, my bike looks different being a ladies frame and having 700c wheels etc but it should help give a rough idea of how I’ll go about doing what I want to do. I didn’t go into extreme details, just the basics really: paint job and components I’ll be changing out. As you will see from the mock-up I’ve done, I will be doing a Fallout theme (or more specifically, a Fallout Vault Boy theme, with the blue and yellow).

I’ll be able to limit my spray paints now to just one colour rather than two, which will reduce the cost a bit (the cans are about £7-8 each). The best part of all is that most of the upgraded components I want to get are made by Nukeproof and their products will fit perfectly with the Fallout theme. See below for the image mock-up and below that, a text list of items and costs.

Bike Changes

  • Paint work will be using Spray.Bike Bomber blue from the Pop Collection (£7.99) and I’ll finish it with a single coat Spray.Bike Transparent Varnish (£7.99), don’t want it too glossy – the repaint will not be a full repaint, as I explained in my previous post
  • Black matte vinyl to wrap the seat and chain stay (rather than paint). Doesn’t need to be fancy as it’s mostly just to cover the existing pink decals, while also protecting the chain stay
  • Either 3M Diamond-grade reflective tape for the yellow striping, or a yellow vinyl, not entirely sure yet, as I need to see the tape in person first
  • Either the Nukeproof Plasma Speed (£26) or Plasma Trail (£27) saddle, obviously the yellow options
  • Nukeproof Neutron Evo flat pedals in yellow (£27)
  • Nukeproof Element grips in yellow (£14)
  • Decorations, decals, stickers: this highly depends on what I can get obviously – otherwise I’ll paint by hand. I’ll likely do this last (let’s give it a budget of £20 for now). Options do include getting some PS4 skins and using those somehow. Not entirely sure yet how I’ll do the Fallout logo, think that will most likely need to be stenciled…
  • I’ll be making some Nuka-Cola bottlecaps too as crank arm decorations, let’s give that about £7 budget with the costs of the glass Coke bottles I will drink, paint and sandpaper

Overall, I’m thinking I’ll get most of it done with around £120. Not all at once obviously, it’ll be a gradual thing. Paint first, which I’m hoping to order at the end of the week so I can get the paint job done over the Easter break (I have 6 days leave from one job and about 8 days or so off from the other). After that I guess I’ll see how the budget is each month and get one item. If I end up hand painting Vault Boy etc, then obviously the budget will have to go up with paint and brush costs. I am of course open to suggestions as well, if you know of any stickers around…

Anyway, the above list is the stuff that’s definitely going ahead. Below is a list of extras, if all goes well and I feel I might want to expand on it.

  • Spray.Bike Chicago yellow for the wheel rims, if I’m brave enough to paint them one day…
  • New head stem and handlebars – I’m thinking plain MTB handlebars that I can spray myself with Bomber blue and decal
  • Brake pads… though a pair of the yellow with holders is pretty pricey!

I think that’s it really. I can’t wait to get started on it!

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