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Life changing events

2016 has been a big, BIG year for Zeta and I. It’s very hard to put into words just how big it has been for us. But I will attempt to.

We have many things in common. It’s one of the reasons why our relationship works so well. We still have those things we enjoy separately, but we are so alike that we even share our mental health issues: we both have social anxiety. Now, this can be a good thing and a bad thing. Let me explain.

In ways it’s good: we know what each other goes through, how it affects our lives every day. In turn, we know how to help each other, even if we are affected by slightly different things (we have some same but some different anxiety triggers). On the other hand, it can be quite negative: there is an element of feeding off of each other, even if we never notice it. If one of us goes down, the other is likely to as well.

We’ve both always wanted more from our lives but getting there? Yeah, okay! The fact that we both have a couple of thousand hours each in Path of Exile shows how much we have worked on getting more out of our lives. It’s not even really conscious. It’s just an automatic thing. Get out of bed, feel anxious, play games to escape.

As most people know, I had quit my last job in 2013/14 to pursue a freelance career in web and graphic design. It didn’t work. My social anxiety got in the way big time. I couldn’t do any networking. I basically gave it up before I had even made it to 12 months. I think I somewhat realised that even though I loved design, it just was not for me beyond a hobby/something to enjoy to pass time. That obviously put me out of work from last year and I just went with it.

Anyway, at the start of 2016, we had an event that somewhat just snapped us out of it. Enough was enough, sort of thing, and now this year has been MAHOOSIVE! It’s hard to explain just how BIG this year has been for us. I enrolled to study through Open University. I intended on just doing the certificate but later changed it to the degree. Zeta took a big step out and started volunteering in a charity shop. Mid-year I finally got a job, started my studying and said I’d pick up a second job if we needed it. Zeta and I both started looking for work. I got a second job, and then Zeta got picked up for a HCA/Support worker position.

As I said at the beginning, it’s hard to put into words just how much our life has changed this year but, something is happening this Christmas that illustrates the point perfectly

Christmas cards…

That’s right. Christmas cards. It may not seem like much but we have received Christmas cards. That’s not to say we didn’t get them before. We did. Like… we got maybe 3 last year. Maybe 2 in previous years. Not much. This year? Well, see for yourself!

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